District Representative A

Los Angeles is a city facing a lot of difficult problems and I firmly believe that the solutions to those problems begin at a local level. In my years living in Los Feliz and in my time volunteering with the LA Food Bank, I’ve seen my neighbors deal with everything from basic traffic congestion to soaring housing prices to the fallout of the city’s mishandling of the homelessness crisis. As the representative for District A, I plan to urge City Hall to address these issues with progressive policies that ensure equitable support and safety for all Los Feliz residents. We need rent relief and small business protections. We need slower streets with better public transportation. We need to provide care for our unhoused neighbors and reduce reliance on LAPD intervention. In short, we need a Los Feliz For Everyone.
We all know there is a severe housing shortage in Los Angeles. Many struggle to keep a roof over their heads, and many fail and end up on our streets. The only long-term solution is construction of more housing. Simple arithmetic tells you that if you have 1000 people, but only enough housing for 900, 100 of them are going to live under freeway offramp's, or have to move away, or a couch surf. Rents inflate to astronomical levels. I have been a member of both the PLUM committee and the Housing Committee, as well as its New Housing subcommittee, where we are exploring ways to create more housing. I understand that the Los Feliz neighborhood Council deals with many issues aside from housing, and they are all important, but none is more important than housing. We need creative initiatives to expand the ability to build new housing, and to eliminate the impediments in the approval process that kill so many projects. Business as usual is not going to solve this crisis.
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District Representative C

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District Representative B

Los Feliz is suffering from a rise in vandalism, litter, graffiti, gangs, and a breakdown in district & local government. My name is Des Sedaghat and I know we can do better. My platform is basic: SAFETY FOR ALL, BETTER SANITATION & ACCOUNTABILITY. I seek to represent District B on the Governing Board and currently serve on 3 LFNC committees (Homelessness, Public Health & Safety, Berendo/Lyman AdHoc). I’ve seen firsthand how issues are shamefully skirted by all city officials and it’s time we get results.

I will also tackle the lack of residential parking caused by multiple construction sites, it’s not right that construction workers in CD13 take up hundreds of spaces daily in CD4. Furthermore, having rented in LF for years, I know the extreme importance of rent control. I’ll listen to the concerns of both the housed & unhoused and our most vulnerable residents: the elderly, handicapped & non-English speaking residents who currently lack any representation, yet make up so much of our amazing neighborhood. My working relationship with LAPD’s Senior Leads, Outreach Services & City Council, will help to further neighborhood safety. We will improve our community together.
Los Feliz Deserves Better!

A little extra about me: I'm a Persian American immigrant. It took my family 2 yrs to seek refuge here in California after fleeing a war torn country and I’m forever grateful for that. I also love street tacos, absolutely believe in science & recently adopted a German Shepherd. Professionally, I work as a television editor.
Rev Dr Edward Stapleton JD (he, him, his) is spouse to a restaurant worker; sibling of 4; son of a teacher and an engineer. Stapleton crusades for social justice, and protects the environment. Key issues are: good jobs; universal health care; education; and restoring the twin American dreams of home ownership and starting a small business. Reverend Stapleton believes all people are equal, with diverse perspectives of the Good. Juris Doctor Stapleton fights for justice legally. Commissioner Stapleton co-founded the Green City Awards. Stapleton serves on the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee. Teacher Stapleton's ESL students achieved the highest literacy scores. Speaker Stapleton preaches California Clean Money. Employee Stapleton serves as Business Relationship Manager at LAX , authorizing 3K good jobs. “As your rep,” Stapleton says, “I'll make government work to solve racism, skyrocketing rents, parking congestion, homelessness, and local problems of ‘We the People!’
Hi there! My name is Erin Tillman. I have been a resident of Los Angeles for 17 years and have lived in Los Feliz for over 10 years. I strongly believe that it takes leadership and teamwork to make our society work on both micro and macro levels. Working in the field of dating & consent education for over 10 years, I cannot stress the importance of communication and not applying a one-size-fits-all approach to people’s experiences. I’ve also worked in the tv/film industry for almost 20 years. I have witnessed both industries slowly accept that the usual systems are changing. Because people have raised their voices to speak up when they see injustices, things are shifting for the better. I am proud of anyone who has the courage to speak up, especially when it’s not popular to do so. We are all in this together. Allyship and advocacy are everything in today’s society.
As an urban planner, I am running to make a more equitable, engaged Los Feliz: I'll work for a vibrant Los Feliz open, safe, and accessible to all, especially our most vulnerable neighbors.

As a professional transportation researcher with a UCLA master's in urban planning, having passion for—and experience in—housing, transit, and the environment is literally my job. Building on my background in advocacy for mobility justice and immigration sanctuary, I'll push the City to fix our overlapping crises and make our streets more walkable and our housing more affordable: through Slow Streets, pandemic rent relief, tenants' right to counsel, more homeless services, and zoning reform to end the racist legacy of redlining. I will also work for fair representation, fixing the fact that District B has more stakeholders but the same number of seats as other districts.

As an active member of 4 LFNC committees, I have already passed resolutions on fairer rent rules, fare-free Metro, and responding compassionately to homelessness. I've also worked for the City of L.A. and other cities, so I know how to make change at the city level.

I am proud to be supported by Chancee Martorell, Director of the Thai Community Development Center (title for identification only); Streets for All; and the many neighbors I've talked to and learned from. I love this area, my home for the past 4 years, and would work to bring your voice to the Council. Thank you for your consideration!
I am a member of DSA and I am running for neighborhood council as an extension of my volunteer work with StreetWatch LA. In helping my unhoused neighbors with device charging as well as providing water, lunches, and hygiene kits throughout COVID, I’ve seen first-hand the hurdles they face when attempting to access services, the displacement they experience during sweeps, and the NIMBYism they contend with on a day-to-day basis. As the District B Representative, I would advocate for ending all Care+ sweeps, expanding housing security in LA, and providing housing solutions through reducing funds for LAPD. In Los Feliz, I believe that we should educate our neighbors about services, best practices, and public safety resources that will reduce our reliance on LAPD. I believe that if we work together we can create a more progressive LA and a Los Feliz For Everyone.
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