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District Representative F

My name is Vuk Mitrovic and I am looking forward to run for LFNC. I am a film maker and I have lived in Los Feliz area since 2010. I graduated from ‘our neighborhood’ graduate school American Film Institute. Since day one I fell in love with Los Feliz neighborhood. I am also a manager of the building I have lived since 2010. During thirteen years in the neighborhood I took a part in various improvements. I communicated with number of LA City offices in the past in order to fix long standing problems of my street. I also stablished neighborhood chat group between other building managers, so we can act and react faster fixing the problems like pavement repairing, tree trimming, street light fixing or calling residential trash pickup companies about missed pickups etc… I established an excellent relationship with a lot of tenants of my street, so they know who to call if we have mutual neighborhood problem. Los Feliz is an amazing neighborhood and my goal is to make it even cooler.

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