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District Representative C

I’m Anthony Libertino Fanara, but you can call me Tony. I believe in the people of Los Feliz, and hope to be a humble servant to improve our quality of life together. Born in Sicily to a poor farming family, I have lived in LA since 1963, and been a local employer since 1976 when I started Palermo Ristorante on Hillhurst at Franklin. Like many of you, I lead a life of hard work and determination. During Vietnam in 1967 I was drafted as a medic, State-side where I worked in the hospital as a nurse. I’m grateful to veterans who served overseas. My college major was electronic engineering. I married my wife, Antoinette in 1977; still married, we have 3 children. Here in Los Feliz, my restaurant survived economic recessions, riots, looting, constant changing of rules and regulations, and rising costs. But I love Los Feliz too much to leave. I hope together we can solve some of the problems which plague us in Los Feliz and LA: Homelessness, water crises, health care, and crime.

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