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Community Interest Representative, Public Health and Safety

Hello – My name is Steve MacCarthy and I am a candidate for the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council. Neighborhood Safety is usually not a concern until something goes wrong. I believe we are far better off anticipating what can go wrong as opposed to reacting to it.

I have resided in what is now District 4 for 35 years. My wife Margaret and I raised two sons here and they walked to school every day from our home. Margaret and I will have been married for 40 years in March.

My principle concern is in the area of having safe neighborhoods. I want to work in cooperation with the Homeless Committee to address issues of sanitation at the Homeless Encampments in District 4. I want to see better street lighting, and reduced speeding on our side streets. We have areas where there are inadequate or no crosswalks and pedestrians risk their lives just trying to cross a busy street. My neighbors and I already actively participate in conference calls with Councilmember Raman’s staff on these issues on a biweekly basis. Our conferences include members of LAPD and the City of Los Angeles Prosecutor for our area. I believe this is the type of communication and coordination that will eventually bring results.

Over the past year I have been active on an Ad Hoc Committee of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) in an attempt to restore safety to our street and the District as a whole. While the positions on LFNC are on a volunteer basis, they are a vital link to the residents of our District neighborhoods. It is through the work/recommendations of our committees that the LFNC can make concrete recommendations to our City Government. CANDIDATE IS NO LONGER RUNNING IN THIS ELECTION.

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