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Community Interest Representative, Public Health and Safety

After working in the restaurant industry as a chef for almost 10 years, I was laid off at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I quickly changed gears and began a masters in Environmental Science and Engineering. As I pursue this degree, I am quickly becoming an expert in the field and an advocate for my friends and neighbors as we fight for clean, air, water and a healthier Los Feliz. As a resident of Los Feliz for over 10 years, I believe the strong sense of community here is what sets us apart from other ares of town. I care deeply about making our neighborhood, and the city around us, the best that it can be. If this pandemic has taught us anything— it is that having a good plan, and being nimble enough to deviate from that plan, can literally save lives. As a community we can do better disaster preparedness. I believe that keeping all residents involved, informed, and educated will lead us to cleaner, better, and more sustainable choices and a healthier future.

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