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District Representative A

Having grown up in Canada, I recognize how important public green spaces are to a community. I am thrilled that Griffith Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the country, is in our backyard. My main focus will be increasing accessibility to recreation in the area. This includes improving parking for tennis players, golfers, hikers, and concert attendees, amending tennis court hours, and advocating for local wildlife. As a resident without a car, it is paramount for me to ensure streets are safe for pedestrians and cyclists alike with slower streets, more bike lanes, and safer alternative methods of transportation. As a renter, I will protect the tenant rights of my neighbors and advocate for more affordable housing. It is also a priority of mine to organize more community events. How lucky are we to have such iconic cultural institutions in our area? These venues attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and the residents in our district should enjoy them as well.

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