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District Representative B

We have had enough utopian ideological policies that are contrary to common sense, human nature, and good public policy. The goal of a local city government is to protect citizens from criminals, protect public property, and to allow for civil society to prosper. My opponents, who are part of the new communist movement, are in favor of criminals over citizens (i.e., in order to encourage you to hand over more power to them), are not in favor of private property, and think that civil society is something that should be controlled by them. Stop coddling the homeless. I will not use the term "homeless." They are drug addicts, vagrants, and losers. We must make it difficult, if not impossible, to be a bum. I support the police, fire department, and recognize that the city has no way to manage or control the climate, which is a hoax. Thank you. Make Los Feliz Florida Again!

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