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District Representative B

Some of you might recognize me from my animal rescue work with our neighborhood animals, both domestic and wild. From this work I not only met some of you, I began to understand the importance of local policies and how residents can effect change. I now serve on the board of the LF Improvement Association and multiple LF Neighborhood Council committees. It’s given me a new perspective and understanding of how our local government works and sometimes, why it doesn’t. I believe we all want the same things - a safe place to live, affordable housing, development that is thoughtful and environmentally sound, and green spaces to enjoy. Politically independent, I will listen to ALL of your voices and work for solutions that are practical, fair, and kind. I also promise you transparency and honesty with no filter. I’ve been a renter in Los Feliz for 20 years, and there’s no community better. We are rich in culture, diverse in people, and welcoming to all. I’d be proud to represent you.

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