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District Representative F

My name is Marissa Minnick and I am excited to run for the Los Feliz NC in District F! I am currently a law student and have lived in LA since 2016. I am a renter, public transportation user, and enjoy spending time in my community, especially visiting local businesses and restaurants. Before attending law school, I worked at an entertainment industry union and am a supporter of workers’ rights across industries. I also interned for the EEOC. As an NC board member, I will work to support affordable housing, access to public transportation, pedestrian safety, local food vendors, and combating climate change. I strongly believe in the potential of the people who live in this city and have hope in the those who are stepping up to make a positive change in our community. The past few years have taught me that everyday people can make the biggest difference and I have been encouraged by fellow Angelenos who have run for public office because they want to make the world a better place.

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