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District Representative F

Hello! My name is Katie Barsotti. I've lived in Los Angeles for almost eight years and Los Feliz for nearly half of that time. One of my favorite things about Los Feliz is that it feels like a small town within LA - I've been lucky enough to get to know the baristas, librarians, bartenders, and neighbors who I see weekly. In a car-focused city, Los Feliz is walkable and has a great DASH bus that makes it easy for me to reduce my carbon footprint. I'm a writer, but I spend my free time volunteering and connecting with my community. I worked on Nithya's 2020 campaign for CD4 as well as Albert Corado's campaign for CD13. I'm also involved with Homeymade Meals and Reading to Kids. I'm running for neighborhood council because I believe the best way to make the world a more just and equitable place for all of us is to start with our own communities. I believe that every Angeleno is entitled to live in a clean affordable place with good transit and access to healthcare. Thanks for reading!

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