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District Representative E

Hi, I'm Josh. I've been one of the LFNC District E reps since 2020, when I was appointed, and have served on the PLUM and transportation committees since 2016, and the housing committee since 2020. I now co-chair the transportation committee, and have worked hard to push the city toward people-first design and planning. In the past, I've worked as a journalist and non-profit consultant, but for most of the last three years have roasted coffee for Trystero. I'm a renter who's lived in Los Feliz for about 12 years now, and have helped host renters rights workshops through the housing committee. I walk, bike and drive in the neighborhood, and have worked on projects from stop signs to Slow Streets to ensure access and work toward a sustainable future. And I enjoy helping neighbors find the right people in the city to get things like streetlights and sidewalks fixed. Thank you for your vote.

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