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District Representative A

We all know there is a severe housing shortage in Los Angeles. Many struggle to keep a roof over their heads, and many fail and end up on our streets. The only long-term solution is construction of more housing. Simple arithmetic tells you that if you have 1000 people, but only enough housing for 900, 100 of them are going to live under freeway offramp's, or have to move away, or a couch surf. Rents inflate to astronomical levels. I have been a member of both the PLUM committee and the Housing Committee, as well as its New Housing subcommittee, where we are exploring ways to create more housing. I understand that the Los Feliz neighborhood Council deals with many issues aside from housing, and they are all important, but none is more important than housing. We need creative initiatives to expand the ability to build new housing, and to eliminate the impediments in the approval process that kill so many projects. Business as usual is not going to solve this crisis.

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