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District Representative B

I am a member of DSA and I am running for neighborhood council as an extension of my volunteer work with StreetWatch LA. In helping my unhoused neighbors with device charging as well as providing water, lunches, and hygiene kits throughout COVID, I’ve seen first-hand the hurdles they face when attempting to access services, the displacement they experience during sweeps, and the NIMBYism they contend with on a day-to-day basis. As the District B Representative, I would advocate for ending all Care+ sweeps, expanding housing security in LA, and providing housing solutions through reducing funds for LAPD. In Los Feliz, I believe that we should educate our neighbors about services, best practices, and public safety resources that will reduce our reliance on LAPD. I believe that if we work together we can create a more progressive LA and a Los Feliz For Everyone.

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