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District Representative C

Jasey is your current Homelessness Committee Co-Chair, a District C Rep, a public school teacher, and a resident of Los Feliz for over 13 years. He was appointed to the vacant District C seat in 2021, and then to the Homelessness Committee chair later that year. Beyond those positions, he’s focused on work with the Public Health and Safety (PHS) committee. On PHS he helped expand, promote, and fund resources for the LFNC Cleanups. On Homelessness he secured funds for direct outreach and communication between city services, local businesses, and housed and unhoused. Did you know the LFNC has Cleanups every first Saturday and third Sunday? Check the LFNC calendar for locations! Are you aware of LA’s Crisis and Incident Response team expansion to Los Feliz? Contact 911 or non-emergency 1-877-ASK-LAPD and ask for CIRCLE to respond to unhoused Angelenos in need and free up LAPD to focus on law enforcement! Jasey would appreciate your vote, so he can continue helping Los Feliz thrive.

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