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District Representative C

As a District C resident of 12 years my focus is to help neighbors and businesses connect and thrive. Los Feliz is my first and only home in LA and I will work to serve all of its stakeholders.

I’m actively working with other LFNC committees such as Public Health and Safety to expand neighborhood cleanups and increase outreach, and with Education to promote Wellness events for students and families. In the past as an artist and stakeholder, I’ve worked to promote commerce and activism by creating graphics for events, or going door-to-door to collect signatures for affordable housing.

My experiences as a teacher and artist have helped me build relationships with our diverse community, and I have a deep appreciation for what our neighbors have done to make Los Feliz the amazing place it is today to live and work.

We live in a beautiful and vibrant part of Los Angeles, but like many areas in our city Los Feliz is seeing a sharp increase in safety and sanitation issues due to the many existing problems the pandemic has worsened. As your District C rep I'll connect residents with the neighborhood council to make Los Feliz a safer and even better place for neighbors housed and unhoused to call home.

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