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District Representative B

As an urban planner, I am running to make a more equitable, engaged Los Feliz: I'll work for a vibrant Los Feliz open, safe, and accessible to all, especially our most vulnerable neighbors.

As a professional transportation researcher with a UCLA master's in urban planning, having passion for—and experience in—housing, transit, and the environment is literally my job. Building on my background in advocacy for mobility justice and immigration sanctuary, I'll push the City to fix our overlapping crises and make our streets more walkable and our housing more affordable: through Slow Streets, pandemic rent relief, tenants' right to counsel, more homeless services, and zoning reform to end the racist legacy of redlining. I will also work for fair representation, fixing the fact that District B has more stakeholders but the same number of seats as other districts.

As an active member of 4 LFNC committees, I have already passed resolutions on fairer rent rules, fare-free Metro, and responding compassionately to homelessness. I've also worked for the City of L.A. and other cities, so I know how to make change at the city level.

I am proud to be supported by Chancee Martorell, Director of the Thai Community Development Center (title for identification only); Streets for All; and the many neighbors I've talked to and learned from. I love this area, my home for the past 4 years, and would work to bring your voice to the Council. Thank you for your consideration!

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