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District Representative B

Rev Dr Edward Stapleton JD (he, him, his) is spouse to a restaurant worker; sibling of 4; son of a teacher and an engineer. Stapleton crusades for social justice, and protects the environment. Key issues are: good jobs; universal health care; education; and restoring the twin American dreams of home ownership and starting a small business. Reverend Stapleton believes all people are equal, with diverse perspectives of the Good. Juris Doctor Stapleton fights for justice legally. Commissioner Stapleton co-founded the Green City Awards. Stapleton serves on the Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee. Teacher Stapleton's ESL students achieved the highest literacy scores. Speaker Stapleton preaches California Clean Money. Employee Stapleton serves as Business Relationship Manager at LAX , authorizing 3K good jobs. “As your rep,” Stapleton says, “I'll make government work to solve racism, skyrocketing rents, parking congestion, homelessness, and local problems of ‘We the People!’

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