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District Representative B

Hello, Los Feliz neighbors. I’m Ed Stapleton, and I humbly request your vote for resident representative. I moved here for love of my Thai-speaking wife who works here under her “Green Card.” But now I’ve fallen in love with treks up Mount Hollywood, walking in our neighborhood, dining at Palermo’s, and getting to know our Los Feliz neighbors. Living here for five years, I’ve become a grass roots organizer. I taught for 4 years in LAUSD, and now work front-line at LAX. I rent here in Los Feliz, but also own a home in LA. I majored in analytical sciences, so I can see through the smoke, get to the facts, and move toward solutions with tact and compassion. The daily issues that we are suffering in Los Feliz include crime, homelessness, overcrowding, lack of parking, rising rents, and more. These are various symptoms of the underlying income inequality. I will seek innovative ways to chip away at the root cause. Visit me on FaceBook: Thank you!

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