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District Representative B

Los Feliz is suffering from a rise in vandalism, litter, graffiti, gangs, and a breakdown in district & local government. My name is Des Sedaghat and I know we can do better. My platform is basic: SAFETY FOR ALL, BETTER SANITATION & ACCOUNTABILITY. I seek to represent District B on the Governing Board and currently serve on 3 LFNC committees (Homelessness, Public Health & Safety, Berendo/Lyman AdHoc). I’ve seen firsthand how issues are shamefully skirted by all city officials and it’s time we get results.

I will also tackle the lack of residential parking caused by multiple construction sites, it’s not right that construction workers in CD13 take up hundreds of spaces daily in CD4. Furthermore, having rented in LF for years, I know the extreme importance of rent control. I’ll listen to the concerns of both the housed & unhoused and our most vulnerable residents: the elderly, handicapped & non-English speaking residents who currently lack any representation, yet make up so much of our amazing neighborhood. My working relationship with LAPD’s Senior Leads, Outreach Services & City Council, will help to further neighborhood safety. We will improve our community together.
Los Feliz Deserves Better!

A little extra about me: I'm a Persian American immigrant. It took my family 2 yrs to seek refuge here in California after fleeing a war torn country and I’m forever grateful for that. I also love street tacos, absolutely believe in science & recently adopted a German Shepherd. Professionally, I work as a television editor.

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