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Community Interest Representative, Public Health and Safety

Danny Rocco (Public Health and Safety Rep., Candidate): I’m a proud member of the DSA and CORE. In solidarity with my running mates, I will advocate for, educate and activate our beautiful neighborhood toward a more inclusive and progressive future. As the Neighborhood Council is a volunteer body, we have certain limitations on what we can do. City Hall gives the NC a budget of about $30K. My personal ambition is to make sure that Los Feliz uses this money toward one important initiative annually, like extending my predecessor Mike Hain’s “oximeters program," or going in on two smaller but equally impactful initiatives, like extending Covid PPE to the homeless and/or supporting organizations that already have more access to resources. What we don’t have in money we have in people-power. Let's strengthen committee participation! My hope is that with a slate of like-minded progressive citizens, we can create a united front to lobby City Hall and make real systematic change for Los Feliz - and LA - over all. Join us! // @dwrocco617

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