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Community Interest Representative, Business

I've had the pleasure of serving as the LFNC's Business Rep for the past 3 years. As the owner of a boutique on Vermont Ave for almost a decade, I've forged some wonderful relationships with fellow Business Owners in the neighborhood, which is what inspired me to run for this seat back in '18. One of my main goals was to bridge the gap between the work of the Neighborhood Council and that of the Los Feliz Business Improvement District. Today, after working on numerous projects together, such as the '19 Holiday Market, the relationship between the LFNC and the BID is stronger than ever. Another project dear to my heart is the installation of permanent string lights throughout the village. If elected for a second term, I'd love to see that project through to completion along with reviving our beloved farmer's market. Our local businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and need the support of their community more than ever. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent them.

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