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District Representative D

Hello Neighbors! I have called Los Feliz home for 13 years and love living here. My neighbors have become family, and I hope to continue building those relationships moving forward. Our little slice of heaven nestled alongside Griffith Park, close to public transit, and only 15 minutes from downtown is something I cherish daily. Despite this beauty and luxury, we face hurdles in maintaining the best quality of life for all who reside in Los Feliz. Mental health, unhoused neighbors, low-income housing, and crime are just a few issues I’d like to help address. My blue collar upbringing and self sufficiency from a young age has built my strong work ethic and I welcome the challenges this position would pose. A few of my personal interests are history, historic architecture, justice, equality, Native American and women’s rights just to name a few. I look forward to working with everyone in the community to resolve issues that affect all those with whom we share this land.

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